About Us

Our story begins 11 years ago when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. I, Adam, was in film school, studying the art of film making. An opportunity to take a photography class came up and I jumped at the chance. I proudly displayed some of my first shots on film which were luckily noticed by a couple getting married. They contacted me and asked if I would photograph their wedding. I was absolutely thrilled and bought a digital camera the next day.

Being terrified of my first professional gig, I asked my then girlfriend, Raina, to help me with the task. Raina grew up in Melville, Saskatchewan with a professional photographer as a mom, so I knew she would be a valuable asset to have there on the wedding day. She quickly showed her worth and took control of directing the couple, while I tried to figure out how my camera worked. Well, the wedding was over with, we were exhausted and, admittedly overwhelmed by the entire ordeal.

11 years later, we are married, we’ve shot hundreds of weddings, and have taken Saskatchewan by storm -winning multiple "Bride.ca Best Engagement Photographs" and "Best Wedding Photographs" awards!

As you can see, our style is definitely candid, photo journalistic, and moody. We use mostly natural lighting which gives our photos those perfect skin tones, while still looking natural and not posey or over processed.

At least 50% of our weddings are outside of Regina. We frequently photograph weddings in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Elk Ridge, Estevan, Yorkton and the rest of Saskatchewan. Alberta, and British Columbia are also believers in us! We love to travel, and are always willing to go anywhere in the world to create stunning images for our brides and grooms that decide to elope.

On your wedding day, or family session, you can expect a fun, loving couple, who bickers at each other once in a while, but has the same goal in mind; to create timeless photographs which are truly unique, that you and your family are going to love.