A Country Wedding For A Tattooed Bride And Groom
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017
By Stick Productions
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Devon and Carmen's wedding was one of those weddings that was amazingly beautiful, relaxed and fun for everyone who attended...as for the photographers and videographers, it was just missing the relaxed part.


Mother nature really made us work this day. The forecast from environment Canada said we could look forward to a mix of sun and cloud. Perfect, we will pick our locations based on that, and have backup locations in the case that the weather changes.  That morning, I check the forecast and it's changed drastically. Sun. Wind. Two arch enemies of a photographer wanting to shoot out in the country side of Regina, mid-afternoon, in the summer. It wasn't just any wind though. I'm talking consistent 70 kilometer an hour winds.


The morning went great at Sara Lindsay Makeup Store and the Sask Hotel. We nailed some really creative shots and got some good moments as the guys and girls got ready. The first look was priceless. The love between these two saturates the images. But then, photo time comes. We've already changed our game plan to more sheltered locations. It's paid off. However, we decide to shoot the side of a barn, and the wind is smashing through the area. All the bridesmaids had their hair partially down. This is a nightmare for a photographer with time dwindling down. We quickly get our shots, and move on. Although we have already got some amazing photographs, I'm not satisfied with the amount of images I have yet.


The ceremony and reception took place at the Sherwood Forest Red Barn. It was originally going to be outside, but weather sucks sometimes.


I finally came to peace with my day when I was able to sneak the bridal party out for some sunset shots. The wind died down, and we had 20 minutes of glorious, golden sunlight over the valley. The bridal party knew time was at stake and blew the rest of the formals out of the water!


I win, wind. I win.


Photos are clickable! If you want to see the full frame of an image, just click on it!

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Wanda Underhill - Absolutely beautiful! Your commitment paid off.