A Rustic Ness Creek In Northern Sask Elopement
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
By Stick Productions
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Raina and I had never been to Ness Creek Music Festival Site before so when Brianna and Jay described the vibe of this place we were even more excited to shoot their unique, Sunday wedding.

Our adventure started the night before when we left Regina after our Saturday wedding. It takes about 5 and a half hours to get to Ness Creek from Regina, so we grabbed a coffee and drove through the night to make sure we had lots of time in the morning to scout locations.

We finally arrived at the site around 2:30am. There was a faint sound of music from the stage area, and we could see some lights. There appeared to be some movement on the stage, from someone....OR SOMETHING! It is bear country after all. But no, we drove over and it was a few party animals givin' er on the D-floor, who were ever-so helpful in helping us find our cabin in the woods.

After some driving around and searching in frustration, we eventually found our cabin tucked in to the woods.

The next day we got up nice and early and the fun started. If you are a dweller of Regina, you might recognize some of the bridal party from our famous Irish pub, O'hanlons. Let's just say, the party began nice and early with these seasoned vets.

Brianna and Jay both got their evening attire on in the very stylish cabins on site. The ceremony was set up in the camping area, just a short walk away. The reception WAS in this beautiful treed spot below the stage, until a massive, scary storm rolled in, and drenched the entire area for a couple hours before it cleared up. So instead, we carried on under the protect of the stage canopy.

Once the storm cleared, everyone grabbed a drink and walked their damp behinds over to the bon fire where Brianna and Jay had their very cool first dance.


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