The perfect, intimate, backyard wedding in White City.
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Thursday, October 22, 2020
By Stick Productions
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When the government announced the closing of many parts of the economy, many of our brides and grooms had to make the heartbreaking choice: have a small wedding with 10-30 people, or postpone until 2021. With all the uncertainty, many chose to move their date to 2021. Fortunately, some decided to have smaller weddings which I absolutely adore.

There is something about the energy and intimacy a small wedding with close friends and family has. Firstly, the bride and groom are always more relaxed knowing they don't feel obligated to talk to a large amount of people that day. The day just tends to flow naturally. Oh, we're 15 minutes late for the ceremony? At least we aren't making a bunch of people wait.

Ian and Lorena decided to go with the small wedding. The ceremony and reception was in White City, just outside of Regina Saskatchewan. A close family member was kind enough to lend out their large yard and beautiful home.

Covid weddings do come at a cost though. One of Ian's brothers was stuck overseas and could not make it to the wedding. Also, some other guests couldn't make it due to the 30 person limit at the time. However, thanks to modern tech like Zoom and Skype, Ian and Lorena were able to connect with family and friends all throughout Canada and the rest of the world during the ceremony. Ian's brother even made a couple appearances throughout the day as you will see in the photos below.


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